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2016 SCOA National Specialty – Everett, WA May 14-20


The webiste isn't done yet, but click here for information on hotels etc. for the 2016 Nationals/Annual Meeting. You can also find information on Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/2016SCOANationalSpecialty?fref=ts


2015 National Specialty - Merchandise Available




 2014 National Specialty Results

We are very pleased to make available the results of the hunt tests, the national specialtyand the parent club specialty that recently took place in Loveland, CO. Congratulations to all!



2013 National Specialty Results
The official results of the National Specialty are now available, at www.SpecialtyDogShows.com, or click below to see them.
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2012 National Specialty Results

The results of our national specialty, which took place in Whittington, IL from April 23-28, 2012, are now available on the Specialty Dog Shows website, athttp://www.specialtydogshows.com/pdf/SPINRESULTS2012.pdf.