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Members can educate the public about the breed and are encouraged to accept the breed standard as approved by the American Kennel Club as the standard description for the Spinone. Members are required to maintain good sportsmanship at all events and competitions, abiding by the applicable rules and regulations set forth by the governing bodies for such events and competitions. Members’ conduct should always be in accord with the purposes and intent of the SCOA Code of Conduct, the Constitution and By-Laws.

Code of Conduct

Constitution & By Laws

To join us:

SCOA become a memeber
Please complete the online membership application or the paper membership application* and mail it, with completed sponsorship forms* from two (2) sponsors and your check, to the Membership Secretary at the address below:

Laura Penfold
200 Dewitt Mills Road
Hurley, NY  12443

[email protected]

*To make the application/sponsorship forms fillable on your computer, remember to DOWNLOAD the form after you open it, and save it to your computer. You can then fill it out and save the information you enter, then print it or attach it to an email.

Annual Cost of Membership:

Single Membership: $35.00/year
Household Membership: $40.00/year
 Junior Membership:  $5.00/year (Ages 9-17 non-voting)









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