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As a Master Hunter, the dog must show refinement and exceptional hunting and bird finding ability as well as consistent stamina through the course. 

At the MH level the dog should have considerable hunting/bird finding skill, work within an appropriate range, be responsive to given commands and basically not need as much "handling" in the field. Using commands in the field at this level is allowed but the necessity should be minimal.



Name Sex DOB Registration Number
CH Bella Campo Winter Jack's Frost MH M 12/13/2006 SR39945201
GCH CH Bella Lucianna Di Morghengo MH F 04/24/2005 SR25686509
VC CH Bella Margherita Di Morghengo MH F 12/08/2007 SR48482812
BISS GCHB CH Bellaebravo Bruno MH M 09/30/2008 SR52309401
CH BellaEBravo Dicianna MH F 09/30/2008 SR52309402
GCH Busy B's Elliott Ess MH M 08/02/2005 SR28406801
Colpo Di FulmineAmerica (Jorja) F 09/04/2010 SR65496501
GCHS CH Darby Canyon’s Million Dollar Cowboy MH CGCA M 02/12/2014 SR81885907
GCH CH Del Mare Boggie Woogie Bugle Boy CD BN RE MH CGC M 04/13/2013 SR77911409
CH Drago Castellano of Trollbo MH CD RE M 06/23/2006 SR35869708
Furnace Hills Bacio UD Ver RE OA OAJ MH CGC F 05/12/2001 SN83222805
CH Furnace Hills Domino RN MH M 08/09/2006 SR36735101
VC Gateway's Arancia Forza MH M 10/03/2001 SN87475708
Lola del Restone MH F 05/28/1996 SN57668302
VC Osage Bria MH F  12/30/2002  SR05897007
Osage Birichino CD MH F  12/30/2002  SR05897011
VC CH Osage Caesar MH M  01/16/2004  SR14507612
Penny Lane's Rocco Di Morghengo MH M 12/08/2007 SR48482813
CH Risky Business Hi Lo Jack CD MH M  03/29/2002  SR01125605
VC Risky Business Nita MH F  06/16/1996  SN68382307
Risky Business Orianna MH  F  06/16/1996  SN68382306
Rosy di val Potenza MH  F  08/11/2002  SR16989801
Ruff Creek Hallie MH F  07/26/1999  SN69316302
Ruff Creek Olga MH F  02/01/2003  SR06202407
VC CH Rufus di Morghengo MH  M  08/25/1998 SN75468901
Siena Castellana di Morghengo CD RA MH F  03/20/2003        SR06462810
Stella Del Nord The Bolshoi Mishka MH
Tiberius of Trollbo MH  M  06/23/2006  SR35869704


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