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Club Award Winners

About SCOA»Titles & Awards»Club Award Winners

Every year at the annual meeting, one of the highlights of the weeks events is the presentation of very special club awards.

Kemo Cup

Is given in recognition of the top performance in the field, during the previous calendar year, by a Spinone Italiano.  NAVHDA and AKC field performance will be considered. 

2000 Risky Business Nita  Ed Hanna
2001 Rufus di Morghengo Lena Amirian
2002 CH Rufus di Morghengo  Lena Amirian
2003 VC CH Rufus di Morghengo Lena Amirian
2004 Risky Business Orianna MH Denise Hanna-Nosko
2005 VC Risky Business Nita MH  Ed Hanna
2006 CH Risky Business Hi Lo Jack CD JH UTI  Liz Bodell & V Raho
2007 VC CH Osage Caesar MH (Brasch) Karen Beyer
2008 VC Osage Bria MH (Luchi) Ann Bagnell
2009  CH Busy B's Elliott Ess MH  Alex Costello
2010  VC CH Sweetbriars Cultured Pearl JH  Dan & Dana Graff
2011  Tiberius of Trollbo MH  Lena Amirian
2012  VC Talli of Trollbo  Ann Bagnell
2013  VC CH Bella CampoWinter Jack's Frost MH 'Iba"  Jack & Sandy Clendenny
2014  VC CH Bella Margherita DiMorghengo MH 'Maggie'  Dan & Barb Spence
2015 VC CH Tarquinia of Trollbo MH 'Saga' Gocki Andrews
2016  CH Busy B's Knight of Orion SH 'Hunter'  Alex Costello
2017  Penny Lane's Roccco Di Morghengo MH 'Rocco'  Karen Torrey Thompson
2018 Birdsboro Punta Garin MH NA1, UT1 Jeff Lemmenes
CH Engelbrecht Di Regione Montagnosa SH, NAVHDA NA III, “Dutch” Karen and Veron Thompson
Rufus Cup  

Presented to Spinone demonstrating exceptional performance in the field and conformation ring.

NAVHDA and AKC field performance shall be considered.  This award is not bound by the previous calendar year rule and can be awarded for a lifetime of achievement.  *** This should be a Spinone that had prized in a NAVHDA Utility test, is at least a SH
and has excelled in the conformation ring.

"Dedicated to the Team of Lena Amirian and VC CH Rufus di Morghengo MH, exemplifying Spinone as a breed that is Bella y Bravo. Through their endeavors in the field and the conformation ring they garnered the highest awards in both arenas."

2003 VC CH Rufus di Morghengo MH Lena Amirian
2004 CH Capo di Paura Achilleo JH NA Prize I 112 (Toad) Ed Applegate
2005 CH Risky Business Hi Lo Jack CD JH UT Prize I Liz Bodell & V Raho
2006 VC CH Osage Caesar MH (Brasch) Karen Beyer
2007 BISS CH Couchfields Poderi JH M Brustein/D Brooks/L Cox
2008 CH Stella Diva Di Morghengo RN UT Prize II Karen Luckey
2009 CH Dolce Vita Lucrezia JH Nancy Schultz
2010 CH Bella Campo Winter Jack's Frost MH (Iba) Jack & Sandy Clendenny
2011 CH Bella Campo Springtime Bria Karen Beyer & Ann Bagnell
2012 GCH Busy B's Elliott Ess MH Alex Costello
2013  GCH CH Ti Amo Qua del Mare SH 'Louie'  K.Ghirardelli & M.Henkel
2014 BISS GCH CH Bellebravo Bruno MH 'Bruno' Dan & Barb Spence
2015  GCH CH Brand Bays Ricompena Dolce JH 'Ricco' Ted Wentink & Erin Dunn
2016 VC CH Tarquinia of Trollbo MH 'Saga' Gocki Andrews
2017 VC CH Bella Margherita DiMorghengo MH 'Maggie'  Dan & cBarb Spence
2018 CH Drago Castellano of Trollbo MH CD RE THDD JHR CGCA TKP (TDI Gold, TWT) 2013 AKC ACE Christophher L Sweetwood & Lauren Friedman
2019 CH Penny Lane’s Hero Braveheart SH, NAVHDA UT Prize II, “Louie” Erin Dunn and Ted Wentink

The Ty Cup is dedicated to the team of

Berdell Koch and

Grouse Rousters BTy JH, Navhda UT, UD, TD.

Given in recognition of a  Spinone that demonstrates
exceptional Performance in 3 or more areas of activity.  Performance in NAVHDA events and AKC conformation, hunt and field testing, obedience, rally obedience, agility, and tracking shall be considered when evaluating performance for this award.  This award is not bound by the previous calendar rule and can be awarded for a lifetime of achievement. 

Thus proving the Spinone
is truly versatile.

2003 Grouse Rousters B-Ty UD TD JH NAVHDA UT  Berdell Koch
2004 CH Teddy Roosevelt CD JH Eleanore Biancanello
2005 CH Risky Business Hi Lo Jack CD JH UT Prize I Liz Bodell & V. Raho
2006 Siena Castellano di Morghengo SH CD RN UT TDIA L.Friedman, C.Sweetwood
2007 U-CDX Furnace Hills Bacio CDX RE OA OAJ JH UT VBSA VBJA Berdell Koch
2008 CH Drago Castellano of Trollbo JH RN NA Prize I TDIA L.Friedman, C.Sweetwood
2009 U-CDX Furnace Hills Bacio UD RE OA OAJ MH RT VBSA VBJA Berdell Koch
2010 CH McPherson's Classic Patterns CDX RE 'Argy' Deb Davenport/Brian Dail
2011 CH Jefco Di Periona CDX RE Heather Jenner
2012 CH Kalas Rubeus Hagrid JH RE CDX Susan Lindsey
2013 PACH Hopecreek Maggioranza Fisica Sofia CD BN GN RE MXP5 MXPS MJPV PAX2 OFP Timmari Putti
2014 Etta James of Darby Canyon CDX BN GN RE TD CGC  Berdell Koch
2015 MACH PACH Mals-About Guilty as Charged RD MXG MJS MSP3 MCBP MJP2 MJPB PAX THD CGC NA PIII 'Booker'  Dennis & Holly Gamble
2016 GCH CH Darby Canyon Gracie's Fellini CDX BN RAE TDX MX AXJ XF VCD2 GCGA Susan Palius
2017  GCHB CH Couchfields Here For The Party CDX RE 'Partito' Deb Davenport & Brian Dail
2018 GCH CH Del Mre Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy CDX BN RE MH CGC Alan Bush & Valerie Bush
2019 Barba Bagnata Tazio IL Mago CD BN RE TKI CGC JH, NAVHDA NA I,Tazio” Berdell Koch
  Cos Cup  


In recognition of the ultimate companion dog. 

"In honor of Cosmo who exemplified the

ultimate companion spinone.

Never demanding but always willing to accept

a pat or a bit of your lunch.

Not a beauty contest winner or a top field dog,

just a loyal friend who was always there."

Cosmo was rescued by Alyssa Pease

This award is not bound by the previous calendar year rule and can be awarded for a lifetime of achievement.

2006 Cos Alyssa Pease
2007  Risky Business Jill Nancy Zawadowski
2008 Osage Abel  Brenda Morgan
2009 Klondike's Orphan Annie CGC JH Kim Vanderbilt
2010 CH Capo di Pauro Donetella Dance 'Stella Bella' Helen Rivard
2011 CH Isis Allegro Ragazza JH NA PIII 'Alle' Bobbi Benson
2012 Barba Bagnata Compimento del Sogno JH RN 'Oca' Ann Harvers
2013 CH Daybreak's Atomic Fireball 'Atom' Kirk, Patricia, Leslie Miller
2014 Capo di Paura Carter BN RE THD 'Jimmy' Eleanore Biancanello
2015 Couchfield's Denali 'Denali' Bob Ipcar & Jane Landis
2016 GCH CH Grand Bays Gianna Pericolo Nocche JH 'Ava' Angela Matias
2017 Grand Bay's Vinnie The Pooh 'Vinnie' Julia Solomon
 2018 Mals About Til There Was You 'Rigby'  Gayle West & Jeff West
2019 Quattro Zampe Alphosei Caponi CD RAE TD CGC,Riley” Duane and Pam Folz
High in Trial Trophy


Presented to the highest scoring dog in the Regular classes of obedience at the National Specialty.

Trophy First Awarded in 2007

2004 Risky Business Raisuli's Ransom CDX Deb Davenport/Brian Dail
2005 Risky Business Millicent CD JH Liz Bodell
2006 ------ -------
2007 Siena Castellano di Morghengo MH CD RE L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2008 Siena Castellano di Morghengo MH CDX RAE L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2009 Siena Castellano di Morghengo MH CDX RAE TDIEVA  L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2010 Siena Castellano di Morghengo MH CDX RAE TDIEVA  L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2011 CH Couchfields Here for the Party CD RA Deb Davenport/Brian Dahl
2012 Siena Castellano di Morghengo MH CDX RAE THDJHR L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2013 Mals About River Edition Samuel & Evan Emmons
2014  CH Amico Peloso's Here Comes the Sun  M Cobban/J Cobban/M Cobban
2015 Mals About My Lucky Star Samuel & Evan Emmons
2016 GCH CH Del Mar Boggie Woggie Bugle Boy CD BN RE MH CGC Valarie Bush
2017  GCH CH Camkota's Practically Perect CGCA 'Poppy'  Katie Larsen
2018 GCH CH Camkota Practically Perfect UD CGCA Katie Larson & Mary Campbell
2019 Dry Grass Veloce Diavolo Castellano Del Lago CGCA JH TKI RI BN THDN, “Veloce” L Friedman & C Sweetwood
 VC Trophy

In recognition of all Spinone earning a PASS

at the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

NAVHDA Invitational



2002  VC Rufus di Morghengo  (196)  

Lena Amerian

2004  VC Osage Caesar Brasch  (200)  

Karen Beyer

2006  VC Gateway's Arancia Forza  (188)  

Jack & Sandy Clendenny


VC Osage Bria Luchi  (192)
Ann Bagnell
2007  VC Sweetbriar's Cultured Pearl  (196) Dan & Dana Graff
2009  VC Talli of Trollbo  (197) Ann Bagnell
2011  VC Bella Campo Wiinter Jack's Frost  (196) Jack & Sandy Clendenny
2013  VC KS Bella Margherita di Morghengo  (197) Dan & Barb Spence


 VC Tarquinia of Trollbo  (196)  

Gocki Andrews













2017  --  --
2018  --  --
2019 -- --
Asti's Compassion Trophy 

Is awarded in recognition of Asti's career, the efforts of those special therapy Spinone who follow in his giant paw prints, the compassion Asti spent his life sharing as he lifted the human spirit of those in need.  This award is not bound by the previous calendar year rule and can be awarded for a lifetime of achievement. 

2009 Grouse Rouster's Barba D'Oro NA NAJ TDI TDIA Diana Cannon
2010 Siena Castellano Di Morghengo MH CDX RAE L.Friedman/C.Sweetwood
2011  Mals-About Prime Meridian, THD Jolene Newcomer
2012  Spinfandel In-A-Tizzy Ezabella  Stacey & Lorne Belt
2013 Chouchfield's Denali 'Denali' Bob Ipcar & Jane Landis
2014 CH Drago Castellano of Trollbo MH RE CD THD JHR CGC 'Drago' C. Sweetwood/L.Friedman
2015 GCH CH Collina D'Oro Pretty Boy Pink Floyd JH THD CGC 'Floyd' Rebecca Tevis
2016 Darby Canyon Elvis Murphy THD 'Elvis'  Robert Murphy
2017  Couchfields Unexpected Gift THDA CGC 'Monti'  Jolene & Randy Newcomer

GCH CH Couchfields Perl Dolce

GCH CH Quattro Zampe Fiamme JH THD, 'Stella'
Donna Lacroix

Teri Turner
Annual Best Junior Handler Award

Awarded to the SCOA member

Best Junior Handler for the year

as determined by


Trophy Donated by Kathy Hamaker













Ben Ritchey 

Rachel Robertson **

Ericka Dombrowsky

Ericka Dombrowsky

Shannon Barchalk

Matelyn Cobban **

Charlie Doyle

Helena VanEss

Matelyn Cobban **

Erin Bernecker

Hannah Hicks

 ** Non Member

(Member Trophy Not awarded)

Individual Cup Awarded

Top Show Dog of the Year 


This trophy is awarded based upon AKC Conformation points for
the previous calendar year.

 2012  GCH Javal I'm Movin' on to Hootwire RN BN  D. Perrott/S.Knipe
 2013 BIS RBIS GCH CH Darby Canyon Mick Jagger 'Spumante"  D.Cannon & L.Stanton
2014 GCH CH Amico Pelosos Double Dare You 'Muggs'  Kay Fritts & Leslie Kunz
2015 GCH CH Javal I'm Movin On To Hootwire RN BN CGC D.Perrott/S.Knipe/K.McLeland
2016 Gold GCH CH Darby Canyon's Dante's Inferno CD RN CGC 'Mateo' Lindsay & Roger Stanton
2017 GCHS CH Spinfandel Finn The Magic Leprechaun 'Finn' Mary Faeth

GCHS CH Collina D'Oro Adele By Royal Design

BIS GCHS CH Spinfandel The Force Is Strong CGC, “Ryker”
Stacey & Loren Belt

 Elaine Bergenheier
Award of Recognition

This cup is awarded to the Spinone that has produced offspring of significance to the breed.

2010 CH Couchfields Made You Look Michelle Brustein & David Brooks
2011 Ecco Domani Mariah Bob and Birdie Nelson
2012 VC CH Rufus Di Morghengo MH Lena Amirian
2013 CH Onda Del Subasio Diana Cannon
2014 CH Naplands Isabella DiLaLa RN 'Isabella' Kathleen Haymaker
2015 CH Osage Atalanta Graciella JH 'Gracie' Dan & Dana Graff
2016 GCH CH Caccia Cane Fonzie SH CGC 'Fonzie'  Shirley Bauer
2017  GCH CH Darby Canyon Milly Vitale THD 'Milly' Mary & Stewart Campbell

GCHB CH Bela's Presto Change-O RN

BISS GCHB CH Bellaebravo Bruno MH, “Bruno"
Patricia, Leslie, Kirk Miller

Dan and Barb Spence


Field Class Winner


National Specialty 

Conformation Show 



This award made possible by the kindness and generosity of our Bracco Italiano friends.

May our friendship long endure.

2016 GCH CH Ti Amo Qua Del Mare MH 'Louie' K. Ghirardelli & M. Henkel
2017  GCH CH Darby Canyon's Million Dollar Cowboy JH 'Doc' Ted Wentink & Erin Dunn

CH PennyLane's Hero Braveheart JH CGC

GCH CH Stannamore Blinded by the Light JH, 'Harry'
Erin Dunn & Ted Wentink

Alan & Valerie Bush
Legends of the Field
Photo Pending

Awarded based on the Handler and his Dog's scores

achieved at the National AKC and NAVHDA Hunt Tests.

First awarded in 2018.

Photo Pending
2018 Bello Terra's Albertino Piazza, 'Bert' Howard Wright
2019 GCHS CH Darby Canyon's Million Dollar Cowboy SH CGCA, ' Doc' Ted Wentink




Rico Cup
Photo Pending

AKC Owner-Handled Series Winner

based on the prior year.

Perpetual trophy first awarded in 2018

Photo Pending
2018 GCHB CH Bella Campo N' Hootwire Bark At The Moon JH Kay McLeland
2019 GCHS CH Adagios Northern Suspense At Cocao TD CA AD, 'Spenser' Marge Conta



AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award 


This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition that have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code o Spotsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club.  Medallions are awarded soley at the clubs discretion.














Joe Zawadowski

Alyssa Pease

Lena Amirian

Patti Johnson

Ron Savastano

Ed Hanna

Deb Davenport

Kim Vanderbilt

Karen Luckey

Ted Wentink

Shirley Bauer

Bobbi Benson

SCOA Volunteer Award 

Awarded in recognition of the ultimate SCOA volunteer.  This individual has made a significant contribution to SCOA.  This award can be, but isn't limited to the calendar year.  








Debby Forry

Laura Penfold

Alyssa Pease

Bobbi Benson

Angela Hanson

Sue Acquistapace



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