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The NAVHDA Invitational Test is designed to evaluate an exceptional hunting dog in all phases of work and a variety of hunting situations.  Dogs completeing the test with a passing score earn the title 'Versatile Champion' and are recognized by adding the letters VC before their name in the NAVHDA registry.  The first Spinone earned this title in 2002 with a score of 196.  The first maximum score of 200 by a Spinone took place in 2004.  


VC Rufus di Morghengo
 M 09/01/2002 196
VC Risky Business Nita  F  09/26/2004  200
VC Osage Caesar Brasch  M  09/17/2006  200
VC Gateway's Arancia Forza  M  09/29/2007  188
VC Osage Bria Luchi  F  09/29/2007  192
VC Sweetbriar's Cultured Pearl  F  09/18/2009  196
VC Talli of Trollbo  F  09/17/2011  197
VC Bella Campo Winter Jack's Frost  M  09/21/2012  196
VC KS Bella Margherita di Morghengo F 09/14/2013 197
 VC Tarquinia of Trollbo  F  09/12/2014  196

A complete test record for individual dogs may be found by doing a name search at

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