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ROM Field Dam Application

Spinone Club of America Spinone Italiano Registry of Merit (ROM) The future of the Spinone rests with the sires and dams who have demonstrated their ability to provide for successive generations. In recognition of their contributions to the breed, SCOA awards the Registry of Merit (ROM) Certificate to those Spinone whose offspring reflect the breed’s character and purpose as evidenced by the titles achieved.

There are four types of ROM. C-ROM for Conformation, F- ROM for Field, P -ROM for Performance Even ts and V- ROM for Versatility .

Application for a Field Registry of Merit
The Field Registry of Merit recognizes the sire or dam that meets F -ROM qualifications.

F- ROM requirements:
Sire: No less than five (5) progeny equaling a total of ten (10) hunting titles/prizes .
Dam: No less than three (3) progeny equaling a total of six (6) huntin g titles /prizes .

How to Count AKC Hunting Titles & NAVHDA Prizes:
Each AKC Hunting Title (JH, SH and MH) counts as one title. A progeny earning an AKC JH title and going on to achieve an AKC SH title would count as two titles. The same progeny further earn ing an AKC MH title would count as three titles.

The AKC Pointing tests and AKC Retriever tests are separate events. An AKC Pointing title would count as one title and an AKC Retriever title would count as one title . Example: A progeny earning both an AKC Pointing JH title AND an AKC Retriever JH would count as two titles.

A NAVHDA Natural Ability prize counts as one prize and a NAVHDA Utility prize counts as one prize. A progeny earning a NAVHDA Natural Ability p rize (Prize I, II or III) and goes on to achieve a NAVHDA Utility prize ( Prize I, II or III) count s as two titles.

An AKC Amateur Field Championship title count s as one title . A n AKC Fiel d Championship ti tle count s as one title . A progeny earning both an AFC and an FC would count as two titles.

An application must include sire or dam’s AKC registered name, AKC registration number and list of progeny identified by AKC registered name and AKC registration number along with earned hunting titles/prizes .

In addition, proof of hunting titles /prizes achieved by sire’s progeny or dam’s progeny must be included with application. Accepted proof: Copies of AKC title certificates and/or a printout from the AKC website “Reports - Points & Awards” or “My AKC Titles & Points” indicating title completion. Accepted proof : NAVHDA prize certificates and/or printout from the NAVHDA website thro ugh “Testing – Dog Test Results ” indicating prize awarded.

Proof of sire or dam of each progeny being used to qualify is also required with application. Accepted proof of sire or dam: Copy of AKC registration and/or an AKC Progeny Report and/or an AKC Litter Report.

Applications must be filled out entirely through ROM online application page.

Supporting documents must be uploaded through ROM online application page.

Fee: $10 application fee for SCOA member. $35 application fee for non- SCOA member.

Applications received without payment will not be processed.

Payment made via PayPal on ROM online application page.

Any questions, please contact the committee at  [email protected]

Once the application is received, certificate will be delivered within eight weeks.

Six (6) AKC or NAVHDA Hunting Titles/P rizes (progeny of above dam)

My signature (initials) signifies that the information regarding my application for the dam F- ROM is true and correct to the best of my knowledge:


Please upload your supporting documents and combine the files as much as possible. If you need to supply more documents please email them to [email protected].

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