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About Spinone


All answers are general statements based on the average dog, and not meant to be definitive answers. Click question to display the answer.

First do you homework! Read this helpful guide on what you should be considering when selecting a breeder. Your breeder will have spent years learning about the dogs, especially their breeding stock, studying pedigrees, health testing their dogs, etc. You will be relying on your breeder for advice through the life of your dog, and they're the ones who know your puppy's family best.

We have a listing of breeders on this website, here. Not all of our member breeders are listed here, but this is a good place to start.

This is a large breed, bred for hunting, so they are not meant to be confined all day. This is not considered a high energy breed and if given reasonable exercise in the morning and evening, you will have a more relaxed adult. If they are not getting enough exercise you will have a dog with a bit of energy to burn. Youngsters under the age of 3 to 4 years will need more exercise than an older Spinone.

Yes, they shed. Since they are a single coated breed they do not 'blow coat' seasonally as some breeds do but they definitely shed.  Regular grooming to remove dead hair helps to minimize this but expect some shedding if you get a Spinone, like most other breeds. There is no difference in the shedding amount between the 'white' or 'brown' dogs.

No.  Allergens are proteins found in the dogs' saliva and dander.  Spinoni have plenty of saliva to go around and shedding allows dander to be released into the environment.

Note:  Single coated, wire haired breeds, like Spinone, shed less and have less 'floaty' hair that ends up in the air.  They do tend to be less allergenic than some other breeds (NOT non-allergenic) since less hair flying around means less saliva and dander in the air.  Some folks with allergies find they are less affected by the Spinone.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to spend time around the breed you are interested in, on multiple occasions, since allergies may not present the first time you are around them.  One breed can affect individuals' allergies differently.