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7th Annual Italiano Raduno

7th Annual Italiano Raduno
Posted: Apr 20, 2023
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Author: Tony Arduino

Alan Bush

The 7th Spinoni Italiano Raduno took place on April 1 & 2 in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Let’s say there was an American invasion with 12 SCOA members attending:  Alan & Valerie Bush, Andy & Sue McGregor, Erin Dunn & Ted Wentink, Sue Acquistapace, Sue Dean, Kathy Hamaker, Barbara Moffett, Tim Adderson, and Rebecca Van Ess.  Celebrations commenced with a small dinner held at the Grand Hotel in Forli where we all stayed. 

The following morning the real festivities began as we all traveled to the medieval castle that was much later to become the summer home of Benito Mussolini. Here we were witness to a kick-off parade where flags were flown to recognize the eleven participating nations:  Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, the United States of America, and Sweden.  Alan Bush had the honor of carrying the American flag.  Following the parade, one hundred and seventy-five Spinoni were judged in three different grassy areas on the grounds of the castle.  Judges were:  Mrs. Suzanne Whittingham (young), Avv. Maria Grazia Poli (males), and Dr. Luca Massimino (females). Ted Wentink was pleased to show Wiliem, the brown roan owned by Roland & Elena Van der Horst from The Netherlands.  Ted and Wiliem earned 2nd place. Alan Bush was going to show a dog for friend Tim Fahner from Belgium, but at the last moment, he gave the dog to Rebecca Van Ess to give her an opportunity to show a dog at the Raduno. At the end of the competition, the white orange male Epithelium Neruda (of Epithelium Spinoni) was awarded Best of Breed. A brown roan bitch, Teazledown Rock My World With Diggmere, owned by McGregor Olwen McGregor of England captured BOS. 

That night a large banquet, featuring wine, singing, and Italian cuisine, was held at Grand Hotel in Castrocaro Terme.  Awards were presented and recognition was given to several people who have significantly contributed to the breed. Although none of us could understand all the Italian, all present had a great time, seeing old friends and meeting new people from throughout Europe.

The following day Ted Wentnik also had the rare honor to follow along with a hunt test judge.  The test was held in the historic Piandispino area which boasts “the presence of excellent game.” Following the rules of the international test on the natural game, forty-eight Spinoni were divided into groups of six and judged by six judges.  According to the website, at the end only seven entries qualified for awards.

After the Raduno several of us went to Florence and had a night together at a wonderful restaurant.

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