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Letter From the President

Letter From the President
Posted: Jul 11, 2022
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Author: Tony Arduino

Ted Wentink

Dear SCOA Members, 

 July is upon us, and here we are in the long days of summer. Dog shows are everywhere, and field training is in full swing; fall will be here before we know it! For other lucky dogs, it might mean lazy days spent with their humans – perhaps traveling, or maybe just hanging out in their yard. Whatever your dog’s life, it’s all good, and I hope you’re enjoying each other’s company. 

 Some updates for you from SCOA World Headquarters: 

 BYLAWS: Back in June, Laura Penfold, SCOA Membership Secretary sent to all members the proposed, much needed revisions to the SCOA Bylaws, along with a ballot for their approval. Those ballots need to be received by the Club parliamentarian, Chris Dickey, no later than July 25th. There are two envelopes included, one blank, which must be used for your return mail. Please be sure to get your ballot mailed in time to be received by the deadline. 

 NEWSLETTER: Please continue to check in on our SCOA online newsletter, “Spinone News.” There’s recently been several articles about the activities from the recent National Specialty in Lebanon, Oregon. Tony Arduino has been busy keeping us informed with current content. Have a story you’d like to tell? Some interesting Spinone News to share? Please send to Tony at Your story matters. 

 NATIONAL SPECIALTY: We’re working now to assemble the committees and teams of volunteers needed for the 2023 National Specialty in Weirton, West Virginia, May 20-26, 2023. It takes a big Spinone village to plan and put on this event, and we’re fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented SCOA members. We’d love to have you on the team! For volunteering information, please contact the SCOA Board, [email protected]. 

 Yes, these are the dog days of summer. It’s a good time to offer that extra cookie treat, or to maybe share a lick of your cone. But then, with a Spinone, aren’t they all dog days? Would we have it any other way? 

 Keep cool, my friends, 



 Ted Wentink 

President – Spinone Club of America 

[email protected]  



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