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Spinone Ninja Warrior and Spinone Olympics

Spinone Ninja Warrior and Spinone Olympics
Posted: Jul 5, 2022
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Author: Tony Arduino

Tina Glengary Cordes

Spinone Ninja Warrior
If you wondered about the black bandannas, they were given out to those who completed
the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. It was a chance for dogs and humans to work together,
problem solve,s and most importantly have fun as a team. Dogs jumped a small obstacle, put
two or four paws on the whoa board, and impressed onlookers with their Wild Card tricks.


Spinone Olympics
Spinone Olympics was designed so we could get goofy with our dogs. Musical “chairs” got
a little heated as people worked the strategic angle to stay in the game as long as possible.
The spoon balance race was over almost before it started as people booked it from one
side of the ring to the other without dropping their ball. And hungry dogs were clearly the
winners of treat jenga as someone needed to eat all the crumbs left on the ground.

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