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Spinone Education

The Spinone Club of America, like other AKC parent clubs, offers educational seminars and hands-on workshops to AKC conformation judges to help them develop an understanding of Spinone structure and type. In support of this, in early 2012, we embarked on a formal program for the selection and training of SCOA judge educators, with the intention to provide a team of knowledgeable and capable presenters to execute the SCOA educational program in a wide geographic area.
We asked both newer and more experienced SCOA members to apply to the program, as length of time in a breed was only one of the factors we considered; we also were interested in general knowledge of conformation and breeding as well as the level of presentation skills of the potential presenters. Along with quickly identifying and qualifying more experienced trainees, we wanted to identify people who we can work with over time, to develop into SCOA authorized judge education presenters. Click here to see the published qualifications to apply to become a judge educator trainee.
Since that time, we have identified a number of trainees, who started their training at the 2012 annual meeting and are continuing it today. We have qualified a couple and others are approaching qualified status; others are less advanced in the program and are continuing their studies. We encourage all SCOA members who feel that they are qualified to contribute to the club as judge educators to complete the application form and return it to the committee at [email protected]. We look forward to identifying and developing new SCOA judge educators into the future.
At our 2013 annual meeting, the members voted to have the slideshow used in our Judge Education Seminars posted on our website so it would be available to the public. It is posted below, in six parts because of its size. Please note that we have deleted some of the images used, as we have permissions only to use the images in conjunction with live presentations by Spinone Club of America authorized Judge Education Presenters to AKC judges. We have been working to obtain permissions to post these images on the internet where they are available to the general public and update these files from time to time as permissions or replacement images become available. We have included the complete speakers’ notes that guide our presenters in the Judge Education Seminars. Please note that this is a slide presentation, developed to support a live presenter, and it is not intended to be a standalone educational tool; we encourage you to attend a live presentation if possible.
In addition to our scheduled seminars for AKC judges, breed seminars are available to registered attendees, among the many events at our National Specialty every year.
Judges can contact the Judges Education Committee at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

JEC Slide Presentation