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Spinone Education

We hope to cover all topics of interest to new and experienced Spinone owners. If there is something you are interested in that is not covered, just contact us and we will see what we can do to add more content.


Please review other areas of the SCOA website where we offer training tips, grooming info, socilization, and so much more.



Is your Spinone unique?  Most Spinoni do things that seem to be unique to the breed. Some are, and some are not, but maybe the way a Spinone presents it makes it seem more unique. Here is a list of things that other Spinoni owners have found amusing (or not).


Things Spinoni do  (pdf)


How to locate other Spinone owners in your area.  There are a couple of ways to locate other Spinone owners in your area.  As a member of SCOA you will receive a membership list. You can check this list for the contact information for local owners. Another way is to see if there is a regional Spinone club in your area. These clubs typically have events during the year for owners to get togther.  You can also contact your breeder and see if they can locate other owners in your area. 


Ear care for your Spinone. Spinone have long deep ear canals that require some special care. 

Ear Care  (pdf)


Does your Spinone like to hunt?  For the owner that enjoys their Spinone as a companion and does not care to hunt, there are still options to take your dog out and see how they are with bird work. While your breeder should be able to help or give you some guidance with this, another resource is the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). NAVHDA has chapters throughout the United States and most welcome beginners and new owners to go out and work with them on training days. For basic type of training, no guns are involved. It typically is a comfortable walk in a field where birds have been placed (they usually move) and you work with your dog in finding the birds. To locate a NAVHDA chapter near you, visit this site:


What about health insurance? More and more people are buying health insurance for their dogs these days. Veterinary costs are rising, and insurance offers a way to manage expected expenses like vaccinations and routine physical exams or to pay for unpredictable expenses due to disease or accident. There are numerous health plans for pets on the market now, and we recommend that you ask your vet, your breeder and local pet owners, and do some internet research to find a plan that is best suited to your needs.