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The Americal Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Health Foundation (CHF) is dedicated to advancing the health of all dogs and their owners by funding scientific research and supporting the dissemination of health information to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease.

Every 2 years the CHF hosts a conference in St. Louis, Missouri. This conference provides a fabulous opportunity for scientists who are funded by AKC grants to present their work and progress to breeders, owners, and fellow researchers. It is also an opportunity for key figures in the canine community to give talks and facilitate discussions about the latest topics pertinent to canine health. SCOA has made a point to send representatives to these conferences (links to their reports are below) so that our committees and members can stay abreast of the latest information relevant to spinone health.



2017 CHF Report - Campbell

2019 CHF Report - Cobban

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