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Spinone - Health Information

CHIC DNA Repository

The CHIC DNA Repository is an invaluable centralized All Breed DNA Blood Bank as well as a DNA Cheek Swab Bank. It is a collective health investment for the future.

Mission Statement

The CHIC DNA Repository collects and stores canine DNA samples along with corresponding genealogic and phenotypic information to facilitate future research and testing aimed at reducing the incidence of inherited disease in dogs.

The Blood DNA collected is stored at the University of Missouri Animal Molecular Genetics Lab and the Cheek Swab DNA is stored at the University of California-Davies Veterinary Genetics Lab. Blood DNA samples are preferred to Cheek swab DNA samples but both are valuable.

The purpose of the centralized DNA bank is to help facilitate researchers to expedite samples for their studies whether breed specific or all breeds. It also has the benefit of providing them with much needed family groups.

The DNA collections are from volunteers that submit their dog’s DNA for the purpose of research. These owners also fill out a health survey that accompanies the DNA sample. Owners agree to update the health survey with the OFA via email [email protected] throughout their dog’s life. As of 2018, 522 Spinoni have health surveys submitted. OFA Spinone Health Survey Statistics

SCOA Health Committee offers the opportunity for all Spinone to participate in CHIC DNA blood bank donations at the SCOA Annual National Specialty Health Clinics as well as participate in the OFA Spinone Health Survey. It is a SCOA sponsored event and is free of charge to all participants whether a SCOA member or not

For those unable to attend a SCOA National Specialty, you can easily participate through your Veterinarian by bringing with you the CHIC DNA Repository Application Form and DNA Blood Sample Instructions. Many Vets will perform this blood draw at reduced or no cost as they support canine health research initiatives. You then can fill in the Health Survey online (see above link).

The Cheek swab DNA is very simple to do and you can do it yourself and mail it to CHIC using the same application form (see link above) and following the DNA Cheek Swab Instructions

The OFA will automatically list DNA Bank submissions on their database for each dog that participates as well as the Spinone Health Foundation Database when owners submit this info to the SHF via SHF Online Submissions

IMPORTANT: The completion of the Health Survey is a critical link for researchers between the Spinone and its DNA donation.