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Spinone - Health Information

CHIC Quarterly Reports


The CHIC sends quarterly reports to SCOA, for all those Spinoni that have newly achieved their CHIC breed certificate number or an update to an existing CHIC number.

The quarterly reports for all Breeds are also available on the OFA website. Only breeds participating in the CHIC Program are posted.

CHIC Quarterly Reports.

These reports include the following information:

The Dog’s Registered Name

The Dog’s AKC Registration Number

The CHIC Breed Certificate Number

Date the Certificate Earned or Updated

Updated CHIC Number/New CHIC Number

Please see the link for Spinone CHIC Quarterly Reports.


2018 First Quarter 2018 Second Quarter 2018 Third Quarter 2018 Fourth Quarter
2017 First Quarter 2017 Second Quarter 2017 Third Quarter 2017 Fourth Quarter
2016 First Quarter 2016 Second Quarter 2016 Third Quarter 2016 Fourth Quarter
2015 First Quarter 2015 Second Quarter 2015 Third Quarter 2015 Fourth Quarter
2014 First Quarter 2014 Second Quarter 2014 Third Quarter 2014 Fourth Quarter