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Spinone - Health Information

Guiding A Healthier Spinone Future Through Knowledge!

The Spinone Health Foundation (SHF) came to fruition through the hard work, passion and support of 60 Spinone fanciers and was born February 17, 2014.

The Spinone Health Foundation (SHF) was created to collect, maintain and disseminate information about health issues, pedigrees and physical characteristics involving Spinoni as well as provide scientific, educational and resource materials.

Our mandate is to provide an information database and tool that is open, honest, reliable, freely accessible to all and above all else, as accurate as possible.

We wish to further our understanding of diseases, genetic anomalies, injuries and ailments that affect Spinoni. Through this knowledge it is our hope that better informed breeding choices can be made and that the information can aid in research studies to reduce the prevalence of health issues in Spinoni worldwide.

The database contains and is reliant upon data that is voluntarily submitted and ongoing from owners, breeders and trustworthy public sources.

The Database is available for anyone to use and anyone can submit information.

Visit the Spinone Health Foundation HERE