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Spinone - Health Information


       Heart Test

Although Heart Tests are optional, SCOA Health recommends breeders take advantage of all health screening tests available to them to ensure the maximum amount of accessible health information.

Heart tests for official certification from OFA dogs must be 1 year or older. Preliminary exams can be done on dogs less than 1 year of age. OFA Heart Exam

Heart tests are a quick and easy test performed by a Board certified Cardiologist.

Heart testing is done to help determine the presence of structural abnormalities, arrhythmias (abnormal heart beats) and/or congenital abnormalities (birth defects)

The most common heart test is the Auscultation (listening) test whereby the Cardiologist listens to the dog’s heart for any murmurs.

A more advanced heart test that is also available and is the “Gold Standard” for heart screening is the Echocardiogram (ultrasound and doppler of the heart)

Many local AKC kennel clubs host heart clinics that are held in conjunction with their conformation show weekends. Many are listed on the OFA Health Clinic Calendar

According to the 2017 OFA breed statistics, Spinone have a 1.2% abnormal rate. OFA Spinone Heart Statistics

In 2016, OFA together with the American Veterinary College of Internal Medicine (AVCIM) established the Advanced Cardiac Database. Although the current OFA heart exam for dogs over 12 months of age addresses congenital cardiac disease, it did not address developmental cardiac disease. Therefore, it was necessary for OFA to start the Advanced Cardiac Testing to catch those adult onset developmental cardiac issues. The only difference for the Advanced Cardiac testing, is that, like in eye testing with yearly eye exams recommended, the advanced cardiac testing would be a yearly exam as well, and only performed by a Board certified Cardiologist. So for those Spinone who have obtained their initial cardiac test at 12 months of age, this would be to test for congenital cardiac disease. Any subsequent exams or yearly exams after the initial cardiac exam, will be part of the Advanced Cardiac Testing. Spinone participating in both these testings will receive an OFA certificate indicating clearances for both congenital and adult onset cardiac disease. The original congenital cardiac testing will remain  indicated by "CA" in the test registration number and the Advanced Cardiac testing will be indicated by "ACA" in the test registration number. OFA Advanced Cardiac Testing

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