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Thyroid Blood Test

Although Thyroid Blood Tests are optional, SCOA Health recommends breeders take advantage of all health screening tests available to them to ensure the maximum amount of accessible health information.

Thyroid tests (SCOA Health strongly recommends a 5 panel thyroid screening) are performed by obtaining and submitting a vial of blood to a reputable lab for analysis.

It is a test that is done to show the function of the thyroid, determination of the presence of hypothyroidism as well as the results of Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies (TgAA), which tests for Autoimmune Thyroiditis, an inheritable autoimmune disease.  OFA Thyroid

Dogs can be any age for official assessment.

There are many reputable labs that perform analysis for thyroid testing. Dr Jean Dodds Hemopet Lab, Thyroid Labs

The Official Organization in North America that offers a thyroid health clearance certificate is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) but you must however have the tests completed at an OFA approved lab.  The OFA only provides a certificate and does not perform the thyroid lab test.

According to 2017 OFA Statistics, Spinone have a 9.7% abnormal thyroid rate - OFA Spinone Thryoid Statistics

According to a 2017 Hemopet Spinone Thyroid report by Dr Jean Dodds, has reported an 18.7% hypothyroid rate and a 8.8% autoimmune thyroiditis rate.  2017 Hemopet Report

According to 2005 Michigan State University (MSU) Statistics, Spinone had an 11% autoimmune thyroiditis rate - MSU Spinone Thyroid Statistics.

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