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When folks purchase Purina products they save up their receipts and upload them to the Purina PPCPP website for which they personally receive bonus coupons for future purchases as well as Purina swag. This is called the Pro Club Member Program. When you sign up for this on the Purina website you can sponsor a parent club, like SCOA.

The best thing about this PPCPP program is it is all a wonderful generous gift from Purina. 10% of all the receipt $$ that folks send in are donated from Purina towards canine health. 5% goes to the AKC CHF on behalf of SCOA members and 5% goes directly to the club for health initiatives. Of the 5% that goes to AKC CHF those are called Donor Funds and we can decide how we wish to donate those funds. The funds cannot be donated specifically to a particular study or program. The funds are donated to a "health issue" in general. Like a big pot that the AKC CHF then allocates to grant requests for research money in that area of health.

We NEED more folks who feed Purina products to take up the individual cause and sign up for the Pro Club Membership (for which you get rewards) and sponsor SCOA so that we can get the bonus $$ going to the AKC CHF in the form of Donor Funds as well as $$ coming to the health committee so that we can have more funds to do all the things we want to do for heath promotion and supporting research.

Again it all comes down to "THE POWER OF ONE"! One person can make a difference as all our individual efforts add up.

So you can see how this is an incredible win-win for all just by taking the time to sign upas a Purina Pro Club Member, sponsor SCOA as the PPCPP recipient and upload your receipts by taking a photo of it and Purina does the rest..easy

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