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It is time again for the SCOA Photo Contest for the 2024 SCOA Calendar!

Thanks to all of you who submitted photos for this year’s calendar!  Now it’s time to prepare for our 2024 calendar. 

Our six 2024 photo categories reflect this year’s SCOA National theme, A Diamond in the Rough.  The theme was chosen because of West Virginia’s discovery of the largest North American diamond.  We think our Spinoni are the diamonds of all pointing breeds! SCOA Calendar 2024 Cover

  1. A Diamond in the Ruff Hunting in the field.
  2. A Diamond in the Ruff Hunting in Water.
  3. A Diamond in the Ruff Veterans and Puppies
  4. A Diamond in the Ruff Enjoying Holidays & Celebrations
  5. A Diamond in the Ruff Being Cute or Naughty
  6. A Diamond in the Ruff Delighting in Nature or Outdoor Fun


How to Enter Your Photos

  1. This year’s photo entries may be submitted from April 1 through May 31, 2023.  Photo entries will be made through the SCOA website, just as occurred last year. 
  2. Each photo entered will cost $3.00.
  3. You may enter as often as you like, submitting up to 8 photos at one time, with a maximum of 5 photos in any one category.
  4. NO logos or copyrights may appear on submitted photos.
  5. NO humans in photos.
  6. Please include ONLY our breed in photos.
  7. Poor quality photos cannot be used in the calendar.  Please submit only high-resolution photos.
  8. Current photos only.  NO photos used in previous calendars.
  9. IF you encounter difficulty uploading on the SCOA website, email photos to Tony Arduino [email protected].  Include your name and the category for each photo submitted.  A link will be emailed to you to submit payment.

The voting for our calendar photos will open on the SCOA website June 1 and close July 8.  Members will be able to vote for ONE favorite photo in each category. Votes will be limited to one vote per member per category.

Calendars will be available on the website at a lower presale price of $23 from June 1st through September 30th. Calendars sold after September 30 will go at full price of $25. If you order a calendar from June 1st through September 30th you will get a confirmation email of your order. Members in a foreign country will have to email me at [email protected] and pay the postage on that calendar before it can be sent.


SCOA Calendar 2024 CoverSCOA 2024 Calendar 


The SCOA 2024 Calendar created from the many photos submitted by our members in 2023. If you want to see a truly versatile hunting dog and a loving companion throughout the year this is the calendar to buy. .


SCOA Calendars are now SOLD OUT!

Please do not order more. If you need help please email me at [email protected]