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CA Testing Kit -
CA Testing Kit

The Kennel Club Genetics Center at Cambridge has taken over the testing, sample repository, and database from the Animal Health Trust (AHT), which stopped operations. It is recommended that dogs to be bred are tested every two generations, regardless of whether or not both parents have tested clear. SCOA has purchased kits from Cambridge and the $85 price includes the testing as well as shipping to you in the U.S. You will have to add the postage to send the samples to the U,K. in the supplied envelope.

Each kit comes with a sample submission form with complete instructions on the reverse side of the form.  Five swabs are included- submit all five swabs for each dog tested.  The kit includes an envelope in which to place the swabs, and a second envelope addressed to the Kennel Club Genetics Center for mailing the samples. Samples from more than one dog may be submitted in the larger mailing envelope.  Also included is a label that needs to be completed and attached to the outside of the mailing envelope.  You will need to add the correct postage for mailing the samples to the lab in the United Kingdom.  

$85.00 - $85.00 Tax Incl.
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