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New Titles Feb 2018 to March 2019

Bringing all titles that were missed before May Current.

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Many titles were missing from the newsletters from February 2018 through March 2019. This listing should bring them all up to date. I would like to encourage all owners to submit pictures of their dogs if they are on this list for our gallery. The pictures don't have to be show pictures just ones you love. Email them to [email protected]. Include their called name and I will get them into the Gallery.


Searching for a vaccine for Cancer. Reprint of an interview in NOCO STYLE Magazine, October 2019

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This is a reprint of a question and answers session with Drs. Danielle Biggs and Doug Thamm of the Flint Animal Cancer Center at the CSU Vet School. My Spinone Liz, is a member of this study.

A veterinary hospital might seem an unlikely site to produce a breakthrough in human cancer treatment. But that's one possible outcome of a new clinical study at CSU's Flint Animal cancer center.

Hooper Spinone Fest 2019

Susan McGregor

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The West Coast Spinone Club held it’s annual Spinone-fest in Hooper Washington Sept. 26 – 29.  Hooper is a very small community in Eastern Washington, where my husband Andy grew up, and it is still a family-owned working ranch.  We’ve held an event there for a number of years, primarily centered around hunt training but also featuring other activities, such as grooming seminars, rally obedience, agility, art night and movie night.