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Spinone Newsletter

Brags from the Spinone National
Tony Arduino
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Brags from the Spinone National

Cheryl Kay Fritts

I am so lucky to have Hannah Hicks and Mallory Snyder come with me. The girls are accomplished handlers and they have fun showing. They attended almost all the seminars and seemed to enjoy them. Hannah won Best Jr Handler at the National on Wednesday. She was showing Mugs and anyone who has shown him knows he can be difficult. He and Hannah worked as a team and looked great. The hard part Mallory was in the same class showing Daisy who is young and lacks a lot of experience . I am glad I did not have to choose between the two of them. Hannah was Reserve Best Jr Handler on Friday at the parent club specialty. We had two great judges. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in several years and meet new people. We saw some great dogs. There were 2 dogs in the veteran parade from Amico Peloso. Sadie belonging to Debbie Perrott and Marley belonging to Keystyns and Drew Popovich. The oldest dog there was 14.5 years old named Seamus bred by Nancy Young. He is a real character who is very fit. I have more photos but others have posted many photos of better quality.

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