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Covid-19: Participating in Dog Sports
Tony Arduino
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Covid-19: Participating in Dog Sports

Letter from the AKC to the Spinone Club of America

Dear AKC Club Officer,

Please see the following message from the AKC Board of Directors and AKC Staff:


Covid-19: Participating in Dog Sports

The American Kennel Club continues to encourage each of its 5,000 clubs to adhere to federal, state and local restrictions pertaining to minimizing the spread of COVID-19.  As states gradually begin to reopen, we strongly urge clubs to follow every regulation for large gatherings. We support each club’s informed decision to reschedule, postpone or cancel their respective events, as well as support clubs ready to hold events in municipalities that are open and permit gatherings. 

In an ongoing effort to assist event chairs and organizers, the Sports and Events Department has been working on suggested guidelines for best health practices to be used when the resumption of our sports is possible, as well as assisting events with date checks, Judges assignments, conflicts, etc. The guidelines will be made available in the coming weeks.

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