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Spinone Newsletter

Crates are a Wonderful Thing
Tony Arduino
/ Categories: SpinoneNews, Training

Crates are a Wonderful Thing

Tammara Morgan

Crates are a wonderful thing. Think like a dog. A crate equals a den. My dogs love their crates and will go in at any time during the day for a quiet space to take a nap. They are not cages. If it is a wire crate, you can get soft crate covers and it makes them more den-like. It becomes their own space. This develops over time and training is key. Instead of throwing the pup in and closing the door and they scream their bloody head off, start off with their meals. Feed them in the crate. The first few times, just put their food dish in there, leave the door open while they eat. The first couple of times their body might be outside while their head is inside eating. If this happens, after a couple of times, but the dish further back so they have to go in to eat, leave the door open. When they are comfortable with that, then put their bowl in, they go in to eat, and quietly close/secure the door. Stay nearby because as soon as they are done, before they have time to question the door closed, quietly open the door, say good boy/girl, and walk away, no fuss no muss. Going forward, just increase the amount of time before opening the door by seconds, increasing the time with each feeding. When putting pups/dogs in crates - they always get a treat. The crate should always be a positive space for them. There are many ways to crate train. This is the method I use.

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