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Going, Going, Gone – But Only Until Next Year
Tony Arduino

Going, Going, Gone – But Only Until Next Year

Laura Penfold

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday when our auctioneers, Ted Wentink & Brian Dail, called “Sold” for the last time, Bryson Dodge delivered the final auction item to its winner, and I got home from SCOAs 2023 National Specialty “Diamonds in the Ruff”.

We changed it up a bit this year with a “Themed Basket Raffle” instead of the state, and it was great seeing the imagination of our members show itself as they arrived with baskets built around a central theme. We still held our annual Wine Raffle and 50/50 raffles, interspersing the drawings for all the raffles between live auction items.

Our auction items were as varied as our members, ranging from t-shirts and hats to handmade items (a shawl, birdhouse, and wall hanging) to a week’s cabin rental in Louisiana. The bidding was fun and animated, with Ted and Brian keeping the audience going, and Bryson working the room like a pro.

Our most popular item brought in $1,400, with close seconds bringing in $1,300 and $685 in the live auction. All in all – the auctions and raffles were a great success, bringing in over $8,000 for SCOA and SROA.

Thank you to Evan Emmons, Bryson Dodge, Ted Wentink, and Brian Dail for all their hard work. A very special thank you to everyone that donated to our auctions and raffles, but especially to all of you that so graciously spent your money!!! We couldn’t have done this without you.



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