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Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Spinone people
Tony Arduino

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Spinone people

Ted Wentink

Here we are, in the most wonderful time of the year; that time of year when we pause, take a moment, and reflect on the blessings that surround each of us every day. No, nothing is ever perfect – if it was then we’d have no basis to appreciate the good that we do have.  Fortunately, there’s much good to be found in our Spinone world, and I want to take a moment to appreciate that with all of you.
First, thank you to all our SCOA members who work quietly behind the scenes, working the committees that make our club run.  You are the fuel and the energy that make things happen, that enable this club to operate.  And an extra thank you to those willing to chair those committees, for the leadership and direction that you provide.
Thank you to the planners and committees of the 2022 National Specialty, held last May in Oregon!  That was a HUGE undertaking, and you made it a success.  Coming out of Covid, you faced many challenges, you met them, and made it all happen.
Thank you to my fellow SCOA Board members.  You all weathered my periodic outbursts of sometimes half-baked ideas with aplomb.  Besides our twice monthly meetings, you have quietly worked in between those times, striving to improve the value of the club for our members and to enhance our dogs.
Thank you to you, our SCOA members.  The fact that you’re here now, reading this and participating in our club is testament of your commitment to our unique breed.  Your dedication and love for our dogs is inspiring.  Thank you for entrusting to me the position of President of this club.
And finally, thank you to all our dogs – our big, hairy, and unique breed.  Proud hunters and devoted family members all, they fill our lives and hold our hearts.  They may not be a dog for everybody, but for me I can’t imagine any other.
So gather your dogs and your family, and take in the blessings of the season.  Maybe you’ll take in a little football, the National Dog Show, or the Macy’s parade?  Put your feet up and savor the day, in whatever your style.  (I know that mine will involve some cuddling of wet beards and fuzzy faces, while cooking up good comfort food.)  I’ll be a lucky man, spending the day with the lovely Erin Dunn, daughter Jessica, all our beasts, and sharing a video call with Kate, Michael, and the grandkids.
I look forward to a good finish to 2022 and hope to see you all in 2023.
Best regards,

Ted Wentink
President, Spinone Club of America
[email protected]

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