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Spinone Newsletter

Introduction to Birds
Tony Arduino
/ Categories: SpinoneNews, Hunting, Training

Introduction to Birds

Alan Bush

Plenty of laughs, a bit of learning, and no shredded birds made for a wonderful time at this year’s Introduction to Birds session at the Spinone National.  Dogs of a variety of ages and experiences accompanied their owners as Alan Bush guided them in learning or practicing helpful basics of bird hunting such as “Whoop and Whoa” and returning a retrieve. 

Lots of participants arrived right as the session started, but when the Top Ten session got out about an hour later many more dogs and owners joined those already participating.  Alan was pleased but overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the session.  Luckily, Spinone Club of America president Ted Wentink stepped in to help and the fun continued.

To the amusement of the crowd (both human and dog), a few crafty birds escaped.  One was successfully and harmlessly retrieved by Leo.  Others were sighted during subsequent dog walks around the hotel, and one bird even lodged under the nearby motorhome of Sue Dean for a number of days.  The sequestered bird greatly amused her dogs, but Sue was, understandably, not so enthused to say the least. 

Subsequent questions or suggestions for future Introduction to Birds sessions are always welcomed and can be submitted to Alan Bush at [email protected]




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