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Letter from the President
Tony Arduino
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Letter from the President

Mike McLeland

Happy Fall,


Recently our Spinone community lost a pioneer and icon as Lena Amirian passed away.  Lena was one of the early founders of the breed in North American.  She was a relentless trainer in the field and was successful in the ring winning Breed at Westminster.  She will be greatly missed by many, and memories of her will bring smiles to those fortunate to meet her and participate in training, showing or hunting with her. Her willingness to help others and genuine happiness for their successes is how I remember Lena. I imagine she and Guido are having renewed conversations and observations in their reunion.  I suspect she managed to smuggle a whistle into heaven, just in case a Spinone needs a bit of guidance. Rest well Lena, the Spinone Community will remember you.


In other news, the National Specialty plans are well underway.  Please remember to save the dates for a wonderful week of all things Spinoni.


As the seasons change, wishing all a wonderful and magical holiday season.



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