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Letter from the President
Tony Arduino
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Letter from the President

Ted Wentink

And just like that – we’re into December, and 2021 is nearly behind us.  Oh, what a year it’s been!  Year 2 of the pandemic brought us a Westminster show outdoors, and in June.  The SCOA National Specialty was postponed yet again and moved from May to September.  The AKC experimented with virtual Water Tests, virtual Rally Trials, and SCOA held a virtual club-wide meeting.  Another Spinone made a run at the NAVHDA Invitational, 2 more qualified for next year, and therapy dog visits finally resumed. 


They say that it’s life’s challenges that present us with opportunities to move forward.  Here at the Spinone Club of America – Oh Boy! – do we ever have opportunities!


As we move into 2022, we’re excited to be launching a new Digital Assets Exploratory Committee.  I know – it’s a mouthful - but the end goal is the updating and upgrading of SCOA technologies and communications.  We want to streamline communications with Club members and offer value to membership through our YouTube channel, virtual educational opportunities, and a breeder forum.  This committee will research the best practices from other breed clubs.  They’ll explore website modernization, app development, membership management, and much more.  It will take time and effort, but the future is bright.

Soon you will receive in the mail a proposal for a long-overdue update of our club’s Bylaws.  I ask you to please consider approving these revisions.  Among other things, these revisions will allow for more use of electronic and digital media, enabling the Club and Board to better act and react to the needs of our members, and of our breed.  We have strived to streamline and clarify Club administrative processes.  This will be to the benefit of all.

At this holiday time, I’d ask you to please consider supporting these organizations for whom the health and welfare of our breed is paramount!  Spinone Rescue is the only sanctioned rescue organization for Spinone, working to find and/or rehome Spinone across the country.  Contributions to the Lena for Health Fund, enable SCOA to help future generations of Spinoni by partnering with other organizations, including the AKC Canine Health Foundation.  The AKC CHF is dedicated to research benefitting the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of all dogs.

Most of all, I want to wish all of you a happy, warm, and safe holiday season.  Gather in your loved ones – let them arrange themselves around those sleeping dogs (hopefully there’s enough room on the sofa for your guests.)  Put a log on the fire, dim the lights, and sit back.  Maybe even close your eyes and think about your trip to the Nationals in Oregon next May.

For myself, my dogs have barely hunted this year – we gotta’ get in what we can before the season's end!  Then we too will head for home.  Doc will take his place across the front door and Sweet Lou will wriggle in by our feet.  Jack will make a night of stealing other dogs’ toys and trying to crawl into Erin’s lap, and it will be good.  It’s been a challenging year for the whole world, as well as SCOA.  Thank goodness we have these wonderful dogs to keep us sane and laughing!

Until next year,

Ted Wentink

President, Spinone Club of America

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