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Letter from The President
Tony Arduino

Letter from The President

Ted Wentink

Dear SCOA Members,

It was 100 degrees, windy and dry in Bismarck, North Dakota, on that weekend.  The Bismarck show is not an easy show – with 4 shows in 2 days, it can be a bit like a track meet on hard concrete floors.  The air conditioning in the show site worked well enough, but despite that, by shows’ end, dogs and handlers alike had all had enough.

Regardless, it was a pleasure to gather and see people again, especially our group of Spinone people.  Of course, when we hit the ring, we put on our competition faces and try like crazy to show that our dog’s best and win.  Later on, the winner usually gets to buy the drinks.  Then the next day we tee it up and try to outdo each other once again.  Because in the end, it’s still only a dog show, and the best reason to be there is to see friends and enjoy their company.  (OK – we want to enjoy their dog’s company as well!)

Coming up in six weeks is the 2020ne Spinone Club of America National Specialty, in Weirton, West Virginia.  It’s been a long time in coming.  Originally scheduled for May of 2020; following two postponements, and after 16 additional months of overtime work by the event chairs and committees, the Specialty will finally happen.  It will have been 28 months since our last National Specialty was held in Colorado, and our Spinone Club of America members will finally gather together again. 

Of course, there will be the shows – National Specialty, Parent Club Specialty, Sweepstakes, Matches, and Gun Dog Sweeps.  There will be Agility, Obedience, Rally, Spinone Olympics, and the ever-popular Costume Contest.  The competition will be fierce!  Because bird dogs need birds, there will be the NAVHDA and AKC hunt tests, from the basic Junior Hunter to the finished Utility dogs.  There will be seminars and health presentations, puppies, and veteran dogs.  Beware of flying slobber!   (Here’s the website for more information)  But most of all, it will be the pleasure of gathering together again, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, surrounded by these wonderful dogs who care for us. 

I’m vaccinated and ready – I hope that you are as well.  You’re welcome to mask up as you prefer, and we’ll respect your space.  If we’ve never met, please take a moment to introduce yourself.  Friendship always begins with that first introduction.  Although some members will be working feverishly to ready their dogs for the events, there are many whose Spinoni are simply their family pets and companions.  They’re present also because once you’ve been taken in by a Spinone, you’re captured forever.  Have safe travels, and I hope to see you in West Virginia!


Ted Wentink

President, Spinone Club of America

[email protected]


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