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Meet the Breeds NYC
Tony Arduino

Meet the Breeds NYC

Bob Ipcar

The 2023 NYC AKC Meet the Breeds was a huge success. Two full days of pets, photographs, and endless questions about our beloved breed. As in the past, the Spinone booth was by far one of the busiest. We certainly couldn't have done it without our dedicated team of volunteers.

On day one, we had Bob Ipcar and Jane Landis and daughter Jenna Ipcar with Cosi, Sara Connery and Ryan Baker and sister Mariah Baker with Joey, Nancy and Keith Halper with Sonny, Peter and Clara Turner with Chickadee, Laura Smith with Primo and Jen and Gene Barkey with Clancy and Lola.

On day two we had Alex and Karen Nicholas with Mousse, Jennifer Ingram-Ross with Winston, Susan, and Bill Mulvey and their son Connor with Cooper, Luis Ribeiro and Andre Correa with Arya, and Jen and Gene Barkey with Clancy and Lola.

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