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More Than Just A Pretty Face
Tony Arduino

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Evan Emmons

This year’s Obedience & Rally trials and Trick Dog & Canine Good Citizen tests were a joy to watch. Spinoni are not known for their “obedient” nature, and having trained a few myself, I am well aware that they are independent thinkers, especially during trials.

The pressure was on as we watch goofy antics resulting in NQs until Delita Rosenbaum took first place in Beginner Novice A with Cleo.  Our Rally Novice A winner was Mazie with Nicole Davis. Rally Novice B winners in first place, Louie with Ted Wertink, second place, Lady with Jean Cobban, and third place Elton with Melissa Forneris-Joens.  Rally Intermediate first place winner was Lilla with Anne Cavoto, and second-place Jack with Ted Wentink. Rally Excellent A winner was Arjay with Jeani Barchalk.  We have 5 new CGC dogs: Valor (Michelle Stump), Fiona (Kylie, Teri Turner), Beatrice (Vienna Zuccaro), Cleo (Delita Rosenbaum), and Diesel (Penelope Binning). Four dogs also stepped up to show off their mad tricks: Diesel (Penelope Binning), Mazie (Nicole Davis), Cleo (Delita Rosenbaum), and Beatrice (Vienna Zuccaro).

We all extend a hearty thank you to our judge, Mrs. Michele Iles, for her patience and sense of humor at Tuesday’s trials.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all who participated and those who came to support us.



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