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Nuts Over Spinone Obedience, Rally, CGC, TDI and Trick Dog
Tony Arduino
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Nuts Over Spinone Obedience, Rally, CGC, TDI and Trick Dog

Evan Emmonds

 Our SCOA National offers the opportunity to show off your hard work, win great prizes, add titles to your dog's name, and earn bragging rights. Developed in the 1930s, Obedience is one of our oldest canine sporting events. Training Obedience helps your dog learn manners and creates a bond between you and your dog. Obedience training may be the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and your dog.

A good trial needs fantastic volunteers, and Sandy Lentz and Christine Cameron kept things running smoothly and helped soothe the nerves of anxious handlers. A good trial also needs a great judge, and we were lucky to have Christopher Cornell this year. He was patient, encouraging, and fair--everything you want in a judge. Sadly, Chris passed away just two weeks after judging for us. We were so fortunate to have him. And of course, a good trial needs wonderful people to enter the events, and that was all of you.

We had only three dogs entered in regular obedience classes, and none qualified--the first time I can remember when we didn’t have a High In Trial winner. All were gallant efforts and fun to watch, regardless of the outcome. Sue McGregor did beautifully in Beginner Novice B with a first place and qualifying score. Rally was a pleasure to watch and had some standouts. Ted Wentink took first place with Jack and third place with Louie in Rally Novice A. Second place winner Nicole Davis had a great showing with Maizie. Valerie Bush showed Daisy in Rally Novice B and Theron Hull-Walton showed Hank in Rally Advanced B.
This year we also offered CGC (Canine Good Citizen), TDI (Therapy Dog International), and Trick Dog tests. Congratulations to our new CGC dogs: Fig with David Elliott, Kimber with Cory Johnson, Leone with Leanne Mallini, and Maizie with Nicole Davis. Our new Therapy Dogs are Winnie with Kristin Muir, Leone with Leanne Mallini, Armani with Barbara Moffett, and Kimber with Cory Johnson. Our group clowns who passed Trick Dog are Winnie with Kristin Muir, Ember with Evan Emmons, and Leone with Leanne Mallini.
Congratulations to all participants and thank you to everyone who came to watch and support us.



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