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SCOA Board holds its First Webinar
Tony Arduino
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SCOA Board holds its First Webinar

Tony Arduino

On Wednesday, May 26 the SCOA board held its first webinar on Zoom for the membership. Our new President, Ted Wentink, introduced himself and the board members and then recapped what a challenging year last year was due to COVID-19. Most events had to be canceled or postponed and then rescheduled. Our National was postponed twice.

The Spinone Club of America is a club composed of many faces. There are members who plan the National Specialties, the hunt tests, regional specialties and supported entries. There are members who put together field training days, agility, obedience, and rally trials. Our members take their dogs to visit nursing homes and children’s reading programs. It is members who run the club committees and track our dogs’ health. It’s our members, whether their dogs be stars of the show ring or masters of the sofa, who make this club happen, and the special organization that it is. Our club members are the heart and soul of SCOA, and it’s they who celebrate and preserve our breed.

The first board member to report was Becky Tevis our Treasurer. She reported on our finances and the report is online for the members to read in the member's section. Becky’s committees are Hunt Test and Volunteerism. Alyssa reported on Hunt Test and Laura Penfold our membership secretary reported on volunteerism.

Laura Penfold then reported on the membership status, number of members last year, current membership, and the ballots for selecting judges for the National.

Kim Vanderbilt then gave the Secretary’s report. She discussed Meet the Breeds, and Heather Jenner reported on the Supported Entry. Tony Arduino reported on the 2022 Calendar and the photo contest that goes with the calendar. Last year Mary Campbell and Gayle Crane West were on this committee and had been for the last 5 years. We had our photo contest online and they produced another amazing calendar that sold out twice. We are conducting the photo contest once again online and hope to produce a calendar by the National in September.

Tony Arduino then reported on the newsletter, SpinoneNews, which has been online for two years and printed as well. The club will be discontinuing the printed newsletter and focus on delivering a better news product online next year. Tammara Morgan is the board liaison for the newsletter and the website. Tammara also explained about the judge’s selection and that the committee is a revolving committee. Bobbi Benson then gave a report on the website.

Liz Bodel gave a report about Judges Education. Leslie Miller a report about juniors and their education. Reyna and Theron reported on the Registry of merit. Ted Wentink then updated the membership about the trophy replacement.

Ann Bagnell reported on the Health Committee and gave a presentation on the health survey along with Karen Beyers.

Alan Bush and Patti Johnson reported on Spinone Rescue and touched on end of life plans for your pups. Alan noted that some Spinone were having difficulty being rehomed because they had health problems that their current owners could not afford.  

Karen Luckey our AKC Delegate reported on confirmation certificates.

Chris Sweetwood our AKC Legislative Liaison reported on the possibility of new laws restricting breeding.

Barb Spence reported on the National Specialty 202one that will be held the last week of September 2021 in Weirton West Virginia.

Sue McGregor reported on the National Specialty 2022 that will be held in Jordan Oregon.

The Webinar wrapped up at exactly 1 ½ hours. The webinar was recorded on ZOOM. Go to the YouTube Page for SCOA at this web address to see the meeting. 


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