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SCOA Top Twenty for 2020
Tony Arduino
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SCOA Top Twenty for 2020

Becky Porter Tevis

Yes, there is news! We will get to see the dogs who would have participated in The Spinone Club of America’s Top 20 and Parade of Veterans, and see the winners of our annual trophies on Facebook! We are trying to make this week a little easier to tolerate since we are not able to be together, doing what we love: Celebrating Spinoni and being with friends!


Starting Wednesday May 20, 2020, the Parade of Veterans will be posted on the Spinone Club of America’s Facebook page and, if possible, the SCOA website (I will give an update later). And what an overwhelming response Becky received! Two of the Spinoni being honored are 15 years young!

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, the showcase of the Top 20 Spinoni in the country will be presented. A lot of time went into this presentation, and definitely worth viewing! The 2021 national show committee is also working to create a way to honor these dogs at next year’s Top 20 event.

And, lastly, Friday, May 22, 2020, we will celebrate the winners of our annual SCOA awards . . . the trophies that are normally presented at our awards banquet on our last evening together.

Please stay safe. Listen to the medical professionals so we can get back to our sport sooner rather than later.

Until next year…

Bob Steele

2020 and 2020v2 SCOA National Specialty Chair

Becky Tevis

Parade of Veterans Chair

Barb Spence

Top 20

Diana Cannon

Awards Committee Chair

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