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The President Announces a new Board
Tony Arduino

The President Announces a new Board

Ted Wentink

Dear Fellow SCOA Members,

And just like that, spring has sprung! Well, in most places, anyway. Here in the upper Midwest, there’s snow cover aplenty, but the beauty of spring is in its promise (sometimes I just wish it wouldn’t take so long with that promise!)

First a little club news for you, then the good stuff!

April showers bring May flowers, and the 1st of May brings you a new SCOA Board! Please welcome our new Board members, Treasurer Jeanie Barchalk, and Director Jay Joens. Still at work will be new President Ann Bagnell, Secretary Kim Vanderbilt, and Directors Alan Bush & Tarn Rosenbaum. Many thanks must go to outgoing Treasurer Becky Tevis and Director Tammara Morgan, for their hard work these past 6 years. As for myself, I’ll still be around for the next year in the new position of “Past President.” (I had wanted to add the title of “Emeritus” or “Most Honorable,” but nobody else would go for it…)

Also exiting SCOA’s management after 14 years is our Membership Secretary Laura Penfold. Yes that’s right – for 14 years she’s been accepting applications, sending pesky reminders, and keeping our membership roles in order. When you see her at the National Specialty in West Virginia in May (you will be there, won’t you??), be sure to give her a big THANK YOU for all her efforts over these years. (psst – the Board is also accepting applications for the Membership Secretary position – just a thought…inquire within…)

Now for the good stuff!  Did I say there was an upcoming National Specialty this May? It’s at the Weirton Holiday Inn, in Weirton, WV, site of the 2021 SCOA National Specialty, from May 20-26th, 2023. I know – info has been slow in coming, but it IS coming, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful event! I hope to see you there, and if we haven’t met, please be sure to introduce yourself. Friendship always begins with a first introduction. Let’s get together.

What’s happening in West Virginia in May? Two days of AKC and NAVHDA hunt tests will kick off our event at the famed Mingo Sportsman’s Club grounds in nearby Bloomingdale, OH, on May 20th/21st. That follows up with an Inga From Positive Gundog seminar on Monday; Obedience and Rally trials on Tuesday; National Specialty Wednesday; Sweepstakes – Gundog, Veteran, and Puppy – on Thursday with the Parent Club Specialty on Friday. Mixed in between will be health clinics, seminars, Spinone Olympics, Costume Contest, as well as Live(ly) Auction, Awards Banquet, and more. Nowhere else will you see this many wonderful, beautiful Spinoni (and their humans) gathered together in one place. I hope you’re there.

While I write this, I’m on a plane and off to see some of these incredible dogs, showing, working, (and slobbering) in Italy, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll give you an update when I return, and I expect you’ll be jealous. But don’t worry – the Italians do this Raduno every 3 years. Join me and we’ll make it a bigger party the next time.

Ciao, for now,

Ted Wentink


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