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Spinone Newsletter

Top 20 and NOHS
Tony Arduino
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Top 20 and NOHS

Ted Wentink

Huge congratulations to GCHB Kala's Fly Me To The Moon (Atlas) and Angela Matias for winning the Top 20 competition!  All of the dogs have worked hard to get here.  You have all earned your place in this select line-up, and every one of your dogs is deserving.

2022 marks the fifth staging of the Top Twenty Competition for the Spinone Club of America.  Between travel restrictions and show cancellations, the last two competition years have certainly presented unique challenges for exhibitors and judges alike. It’s been the dedication of these handlers and breeders that have brought them to this National.

Added this year is a recognition of the Top Twenty dogs from the 2021 AKC National Owner-Handled Series.  As the name says, these are the dogs who are handled in the ring by their owners – the folks who feed them every day and sleep with them at night.  That special bond is one that we’re pleased to honor this year as well.

Special thanks go to Kathy Hamaker and Reyna Hull-Walton, who have chaired these Top Twenty events, as well as to Sue Acquistapace, Sue Mc Gregor, and Rebecca Van Ess, who with their teams have worked diligently to put this National Specialty week together.  Through cancellations, delays, and innumerable uncertainties, they’ve made it all happen.  Be sure to thank them when you see them.

Ted Wentink

President – Spinone Club of America








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